I'm Pregnant Now What....?

​​Two doulas hired together! 

You benefit from a service where both the doula and her backup are hired at the same time. You meet them both. You are guaranteed at least one of the Birth and Beyond GTA doulas for your birth experience.

Birth Services

Birth and Beyond GTA doulas will provide unconditional support no matter what your birth plan or outcome is.  Whether  you are delivering with an OB or Midwife, whether your plan is for a natural or medicated birth, whether you plan to deliver at home or hospital or whether you are having a vaginal birth or C-Section - Birth and Beyond GTA doulas are there to support you.  

Packages start at $1250 

For more information contact: birthandbeyondgta@gmail.com

Prenatal Education? Look No Further!

Birth and Beyond GTA is training with Lamaze International and offers interactive and engaging programs that takes the fear out of the birth conversation and promotes healthy dialogue so that you are not feeling like a deer in the headlights !

Each of these classes will engage you, teach you, and empower you to know the signs of what to expect, to create a plan for your comforts and pain management, set a vision for the birth process you want, as well as the first few weeks of a baby's life. 

All classes can be done privately ("Just For You") or in small groups ("Fun with Friends").   

Just For You - $75/ hr 

Fun With Friends- $50/hr/couple