Dedicated to serving the lives of children and their families, Chari’s approach to health and well being is founded on her belief that each family’s story and circumstance is unique and that it requires personalized approach to welcome and embrace them through their life’s journey.

Chari is a certified birth doula through DONA International. In her lifetime,  Chari has attended labour and deliver of friends and family and is excited to begin her career as a full time Doula.

Chari is an Ontario Certified Teacher and life skills coach. She has served as Director for 2 private educational institutions and has developed curriculum, programs and coaching models to train teachers and to work with parents.

Chari enjoys her family life with three beautiful adult daughters, their partners, new grandson, and  grand-pup  named Milo.


Together, Cheryl and Chari are Birth and Beyond GTA : a dynamic doula team offering a system of support for woman and their partners

for  a well prepared prenatal, birth experience and aftercare.

As teachers, administrators and workshop facilitators,

Cheryl and Chari understand the importance of knowledge as power.

As mothers, they recognize the need to bring empathy and support .

Cheryl and Chari have been there and done it all!


 Cheryl is an educator by training and a mother of threewho has devoted her life towards helping others.  Cheryl has directed privately run schools in both Canada and the US and has worked with a diverse group a families assisting them through both the joyous and difficult moments of their lives. 

Cheryl is a certified birth doula through DONA International.  Cheryl has worked at McMaster University for the Midwifery Education Program as an educational facilitator training certified midwives how to support midwifery students in their clinical placements.

Cheryl’s goal is to help mothers and their partners to  have a pleasant birth experience and assist new parents in getting more sleep, make sure they are fed and well taken care of.  Parenting is a difficult job and no one should do it alone.  Cheryl prides herself on supporting and educating families from birth and beyond.